j3x-badass-lass asked:

Hello There! Recently, I found this blog from our prof of MMINTRO and she showed us your artworks (from here, at your blog) then I was totally amazed. I just wanted to say that, YOU. ARE. AWESOME! Mind if I ask, what program do you use? Thanks a buckets!

She showed it during class? oh gosh that means everyone else saw it.. I’m so embarrassed *__* aaww thank you! I use Photoshop CS6. Most of my work are digital illustrations so I draw straight from there.

shotzgoboom asked:

I love the Happy Prince! Your concept art looks great! Will you be making a short out of it?

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! actually it was for my thesis. My project was to make an interactive comic about the fairytales of Oscar Wilde but I also like the idea of making it into a short animation with the same design.

prosinac asked:

Hi there! I recently noticed that you're following me and I just.. I'm kidna honored? Your art is so beautiful, I really really admire your work :o Thanks for the follow!! xx

you’re welcome and thank you. I follow as much artists as I can and they’re all very inspiring :)

Anonymous asked:

this comes to my mind I wonder how you did your day time and night time painting, and like how artist change a characters pose do you like redraw the whole thing? im so lost

you mean the one in the happy prince backgrounds? I first did the day time and then for the night I just inverted the colors and changed the hue and saturation.
In most cases, yes. it can also be helpful when you draw the character in silhouette forms because that way you get to be familiar with the shape and form of the character.

Anonymous asked:

thank you very much for answering my questions seriously its an honor you so awesome!!!! xD BTW if you use texture brushes how do you apply it like what eraser?? or you put on another layer of brush with the base color? sorry didnt know how to achieve texture effects :(

No problem. If I’m using textured brushes and made a few mistakes I’ll use the eraser with the same presets of my brushes. Not all the time though only so that the erased area wouldn’t look too obvious and so that it blends along with the effect of the brush. I do this when applying shadows or adding in a different shade of color and I also turn on the opacity pressure so that mistakes are minimal and less visible plus it’s easier to erase without having to go over it again.