thunderstorms12 asked:

Hi there! I recently noticed that you're following me and I just.. I'm kidna honored? Your art is so beautiful, I really really admire your work :o Thanks for the follow!! xx

you’re welcome and thank you. I follow as much artists as I can and they’re all very inspiring :)

Anonymous asked:

this comes to my mind I wonder how you did your day time and night time painting, and like how artist change a characters pose do you like redraw the whole thing? im so lost

you mean the one in the happy prince backgrounds? I first did the day time and then for the night I just inverted the colors and changed the hue and saturation.
In most cases, yes. it can also be helpful when you draw the character in silhouette forms because that way you get to be familiar with the shape and form of the character.

Anonymous asked:

thank you very much for answering my questions seriously its an honor you so awesome!!!! xD BTW if you use texture brushes how do you apply it like what eraser?? or you put on another layer of brush with the base color? sorry didnt know how to achieve texture effects :(

No problem. If I’m using textured brushes and made a few mistakes I’ll use the eraser with the same presets of my brushes. Not all the time though only so that the erased area wouldn’t look too obvious and so that it blends along with the effect of the brush. I do this when applying shadows or adding in a different shade of color and I also turn on the opacity pressure so that mistakes are minimal and less visible plus it’s easier to erase without having to go over it again.

Anonymous asked:

Hi Sam, I have lots of questions to ask mind to answer? I envy you you painting/art goddess :( what program do you use and how do you add those textures? and care to share your creative process? I hope you respond AND SO LOVE YOUR ART ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x3

Thanks..haha umm.. don’t know about the goddess part XD but thank you still.I use Photoshop CS6 for most of my illustrations. I’ve been recommended to try out SAI but I still haven’t gotten myself to get it. For the textures, they’re from the brushes. I make my own brushes but usually I just experiment and play around with the presets until I get the effect I want to put into my subject. And for my creative process, I usually start sketching out the idea in PS, clean out the lines after, then on top of the outline sketch, I trace out each part of the sketch and fill it in with a base color and put each part in a separate layer (like the hair, face, body, clothes background etc.everything in a separate layer) and then add in the brush textures on another layer for each part. Also, I sometimes don’t change the base colors into how I want them to be. Usually I would change it half-way through the illustration but that’s basically how I do my stuff. It’s cleaner and convenient for me. I hope I was able to answer all your question. I would love to expand on the creative process part but I think it would be better if I make a visual tutorial but I’m not very good at teaching. hopefully I will have enough confidence to make one someday :)